San Diego Comic-Con 2013

I’m having a little art show inside the big show. Come say hi!


Here’s a summary of my messy, weird network of websites:

JF Nexus: Hey, you’re on it. This is where I post news, links to my other endeavors, maintain my portfolio, and sell stuff. I tweet new links here to @JFHimself.

Inkwell Looter: Home for my Magic: The Gathering art. Twitter is @inkwell_looter.

Garbage Time Ghost: A tumblr for my NBA art, replacing my older site Garbage Time All-Stars. Twitter is @garbage_time.

JF Nexus tumblr: Here’s the first place I’ll post new comics/art that don’t fit into the other sites.

That is the realignment for you. I know, WHAAA???

The ghost of garbage past

The other day I was sitting around thinking I needed even more websites to maintain so I went and started Garbage Time Ghost. My old NBA art site, Garbage Time All-Stars, has been on indefinite hiatus but now that I’m ready to make some hoops arts. I’ve started with some little paintings based on tweets by ballers. If that sounds interesting to you, bust the ghost with your mouse pointer.

‘Scuse me while I bite the sky

I’ve been trying to do one “fun” watercolor per week. Here’s the latest:

Upon completion these paintings get chucked straight into my store, priced to move. Go shop on that link. I’ll wait.


Hey, while we’re talking about the store: I’m also selling these button sets for Inkwell Looter, my Magic: The Gathering art blog:

Stocking stuffers for all of your beloved card game degenerate friends!

I made it back from Comic-Con

It was something else, as usual. That’s a photo of my table set-up at the show. In the wake of the convention I have a couple of items:

  • My new comic, Real Axe, is now availabe for purchase here.

And now: life goes on.

Bound for San Diego with a banjo on my knee

San Diego is about to have its annual nerd ‘n’ huckster infestation and I’ll be wallowing in there with my new comic, REAL AXE:

I’m splitting table O-13┬áin the Small Press Pavilion with Tammy Stellanova, toward the back of the main hall up aisle 1800. I know you’re gonna be busy waiting in line for that exclusive Jawa tea cozy but your next action item should be to proceed to our table and exchange pleasantries, goods and currency. Along with the new book I’ll have the Water Column comics and some t-shirts. See you in the maelstrom, y’all!


Getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con. EEEEEEE!

Quitting the Horde, pages 1-2

Here’s a taste of the barbarian comic I’m prodding toward San Diego Comic-Con.


Some fan art I did to celebrate Rina Ayuyang’s new publishing venture, Yam Books:

I am Inkwell Looter

So, for the past two years I’ve been updating a blog of my Magic: The Gathering fan art called Inkwell Looter. The drawings and comics I post there require a certain level of Magic literacy to totally “get” but they are still funny drawings. Here’s the first page of a comic I put there recently:

Here’s the rest of it, if you’re interested. The blog has gotten me some Magic-related freelance work too. Here’s a card I drew recently for Channel Fireball portraying one of their pro players, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa:

Inkwell Looter is fun times. I get to layer my art on a game I’ve played for almost 20 years. I’ve met many cool people through the project. I think about all the interlocking aspects of the Magic brand in ways I hadn’t before.

I started Inkwell Looter at a time when I was realizing just how many Josh Frankels there are out there. It’s actually a frustratingly common name. The internet is littered with all these other Josh Frankels, many of whom are artists, and I wanted to minimize JF confusion. So I figured, hey, boom, I’ll take on a project-specific pseudonym. Fifteen minutes later a larval Inkwell Looter hatched. I’ve always been interested in artists with pen names and here was my chance to try it out. At first I wanted to maintain an aura of mystery and really work the alter ego bit, but I ended up breaking character before long. I could maintain the persona for a blog post but when it came to interacting with other people in the community I dropped it.

So that’s the state of things. I am Inkwell Looter.