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I made it back from Comic-Con

It was something else, as usual. That’s a photo of my table set-up at the show. In the wake of the convention I have a couple of items:

  • My new comic, Real Axe, is now availabe for purchase here.

And now: life goes on.

Bound for San Diego with a banjo on my knee

San Diego is about to have its annual nerd ‘n’ huckster infestation and I’ll be wallowing in there with my new comic, REAL AXE:

I’m splitting table O-13┬áin the Small Press Pavilion with Tammy Stellanova, toward the back of the main hall up aisle 1800. I know you’re gonna be busy waiting in line for that exclusive Jawa tea cozy but your next action item should be to proceed to our table and exchange pleasantries, goods and currency. Along with the new book I’ll have the Water Column comics and some t-shirts. See you in the maelstrom, y’all!