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Here’s a summary of my messy, weird network of websites:

JF Nexus: Hey, you’re on it. This is where I post news, links to my other endeavors, maintain my portfolio, and sell stuff. I tweet new links here to @JFHimself.

Inkwell Looter: Home for my Magic: The Gathering art. Twitter is @inkwell_looter.

Garbage Time Ghost: A tumblr for my NBA art, replacing my older site Garbage Time All-Stars. Twitter is @garbage_time.

JF Nexus tumblr: Here’s the first place I’ll post new comics/art that don’t fit into the other sites.

That is the realignment for you. I know, WHAAA???

The ghost of garbage past

The other day I was sitting around thinking I needed even more websites to maintain so I went and started Garbage Time Ghost. My old NBA art site, Garbage Time All-Stars, has been on indefinite hiatus but now that I’m ready to make some hoops arts. I’ve started with some little paintings based on tweets by ballers. If that sounds interesting to you, bust the ghost with your mouse pointer.

‘Scuse me while I bite the sky

I’ve been trying to do one “fun” watercolor per week. Here’s the latest:

Upon completion these paintings get chucked straight into my store, priced to move. Go shop on that link. I’ll wait.


Hey, while we’re talking about the store: I’m also selling these button sets for Inkwell Looter, my Magic: The Gathering art blog:

Stocking stuffers for all of your beloved card game degenerate friends!